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Well, while you are trying to automate your business, a lot of people try to automate all of these things before they really, truly, figure out their business.

Keep in mind. When you are planning your automation remember the purpose of automation and what type of paths or processes you like to automate.

Automation allows you to automate the repetitive tasks and focus on the impactful.

Steps to taken:

  • List out the work/task about what do you do daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually.
  • After listing, find out your repetitive task.
  • Prioritize the repeated task which consumes more time and money.
  • Do your workflows and map them on your paper.
  • Write down your processes.
  • Select the automation tool which suits your process.
  • Then map out your processes and procedures in the automation tool.
  • Track results and refine your processes
  • Create an automative culture in your workplace

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