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Wix is a website builder that allows you to build a website without coding knowledge. You can create your own website without any developer’s help. All you want to know is how to use Wix effectively.

Wix offers an excellent drag-and-drop site builder to create small websites. Wix gives you 100s of free templates, unlimited pages & top-grade hosting FREE.

You can start a Wix website for free. If you need Premium features like an eCommerce store, custom domain, remove Wix ads, free SSL certificate, and more, then you must choose one of their Premium plans.

Step-By-Step Guide For How To Make A Website in Wix ADI

1. Create an account in Wix

To create a website with Wix, first, you need to create an account. Then click the Get Started button on the Wix homepage. Then you will be prompt to enter your email address and password to signup or you can continue with your social logins like Facebook or Google.

2. Choose how you want to create your website

Wix allows you to create your website in two ways. One is using the Wix ADI tool and another one is Wix website Editor. Wix ADI tool asks you a few simple questions and gets a website designed just for you in few minutes. Wix Editor will ask you to choose a template and create your own with easy drag and drop features.

3. Create a website using Wix ADI


Wix’s artificial intelligence designer (ADI) is a useful tool, its design and customization options are limited compared to the Wix templates and editor. Therefore, if you have a basic understanding of website design (and I mean basic), you can go with the Wix Editor.

Wix ADI asks a few questions to get your website designed. Enter your business or website type that you want to create. Then click Next to continue.

4. Select recommended Wix Features

Wix recommends selecting features like chatbox, online store, video, subscription form, bookings, etc that you need on your new website. Then click Next to continue.

5. Add your Business Name

Enter your name or Business name. Then click Next to continue.

6. Import images and text

If you have an existing website you can import your images and text to your new website, or you can skip this step. Enter your business address in the field of Google Places to show your business location on your website. Then click Next to continue.

7. Enter your Business details

Enter your Business details like Business Logo, email id, contact number, fax number, and social links. Then click Next to continue.

8. Select a Theme

Select a Theme for your website. The selected theme font and color will be used to design your website. You can always change them later. Then click Next to continue.

9. Pick your Home page design

Select any of the designs for your Home page. Then click Next to continue. You can easily change your colors, images, and content further.

10. Add pages to your Website

Wix provides you extra readymade pages like About, Contact Us, Portfolio, Service, Work, etc. You select by clicking the +Add page button that you see on the top right corner of each page template. Then click Edit Site to continue.

11. Edit Site

Almost all the design and structure of your website is done. Now the only thing you have to do is edit the content and images according to your Business. Click the Edit/Design button shown in each selected section of the page to modify. If you are happy with your work, then click Publish button to live site.

12. Publish your Website

When you click the Publish button, it prompts a popup to enter a domain to publish your site. You can connect your custom domain if you have one, else you can use a free domain to publish your site. Once you have done, just click the Publish & Continue button to launch your website.

Awesome!!! You have launched your Website.

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